The beginning of the HOSTAL CAL PERICAS dates back to the mid-19th century (1856), when PERE PONS BARALLAT, coming from Maçaners (at the foot of the “Pedraforca” in the Berguedà region), arrived in La Pobla de Lillet where he founded a guesthouse in the old part of the town, where food was served and travelers were accommodated. This was undoubtedly a complement to the family’s economy (which was mainly based on agriculture).

In the mid-1940s, the great-grandparents RAMON PONS and ANTONIA PARAREDA started what we now know as HOSTAL CAL PERICAS, a small hostel with 8 rooms. With a lot of effort and good prospects, they kept it active. In the 1960s, the couple formed by JOSEP PONS and TOMASA FERNADEZ, as successors, decided to move the business to the center of the town, building the existing building that still stands today.

Currently, and following the family tradition, the new generation continues with the same enthusiasm and effort to keep this establishment alive. Fully renovated by the PONS-FERNANDEZ brothers, both the Hostel and the Restaurant aim to continue providing the best services to visitors and guests who visit our town.